We offer boarding for all sizes of dogs, cats, reptiles, ferrets, rabbits, birds, etc. We have a small boarding facility in the back of our clinic where we can fit up to 15 dogs. We offer seven “runs” for our large and extra-large dogs where we can fit any dog over 25 lbs. , our “x-large” kennel where we recommend any size 25 lbs and under. We have two “large” kennels and three “medium” kennels for any dogs 18 lbs and under. Our “small” kennels are for extra-small dogs. We also offer cat boarding! The “Cat Condo’s” are located at the front of the clinic on the East side of the lobby. We have four condo’s, but can work with you if you have more than one cat needing to board at a time. We have large blankets, pillows, dishes, toys and food (Low-Fat Science Diet or Gastro-Intestinal from Royal Canin) here at our clinic. There is no extra charge to use our food or our belongings for your dog during their stay with us. During our boarding, we offer Playtimes, which consists of about an hour a day when your dog(s) go outside to our fenced-in backyard to play with tennis balls and run around. We can do playtime with the other dogs who have playtime, OR we can give your dog(s) playtime alone. We also offer Trail-Walks with our Kennel Manager and Trainer, Janet Jarvis. She can do one mile per day with your dog(s) at your request during check-in. MUST call ahead and put a deposit of $50.00 down for ANY boarding AT THE TIME OF SCHEDULING over Holidays or Holiday weekends.

Daycare is almost the same as our Boarding when it comes to amenities. We have food, dishes, toys, blankets, etc. here for your dog. We do have to schedule daycare ahead of time due to the amount of space we have here at our clinic. Our Kennel Manager, Jan, can do trail walks with your dog as well as assist in training them in any area you would like. When they check in for Daycare, please let the receptionist know if you would like any training, walks, etc done with your dog while they are here with us.  Daycare dogs MUST be picked up before closing time the same day.