WE “OFF-FUR” GROOMING! Our former receptionist, you may know as Millie, is
now our full-time groomer! She is experienced and ready for any size of dog you may have. Whether your dog is in need of just a bath and a good brush, or in need of a full groom, Millie will do whatever it takes to keep your pet feeling, looking and smelling great!

Our bath and brushes include a nail trim, anal gland expression and ear cleaning. Our full grooms also include the bath and brush, anal gland expression and nail trim, along with the hair cut/style you request. Millie also offers bows/bandannas and cologne as FREE added bonus’s to the groom!

Millie offers some extra options for your pet that will be the cherry-on-top of the grooming
! She offers the nail dremmel, which is an electric nail file she can use that gets the nails smoother and shorter
than a regular nail trimmer would. Does your dog have stinky breath? Let Millie brush his/her teeth while they are in the tub!
She uses a beef flavored toothpaste to get their taste-buds saying, “Yum!”. Also, she offers de-shedding, or “Shed-less”, shampoo to help control all of that fur! They are then hand-dried with a special high-powered dryer and brushed with a special de-shedding brush to reduce shedding up to 80%! We
also offer specialty shampoos like “Aloe and Oatmeal Shampoo” for those dogs with dry and flaky skin, and we offer a drying shampoo to help those dogs who have really greasy fur and skin.

We recommend that you call and schedule your dog(s) for grooming AT LEAST 3-4 weeks ahead of time. Her schedule fills up FAST! Please call for prices and to schedule your grooming with Millie right away!

Prices may vary depending on the breed and size of the dog.

Please call for prices or to schedule a free consultation with Millie!