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Vintage Heights Veterinary Hospital,

The staff at Vintage Heights Veterinary Hospital would like to welcome you and your pet(s) to our hospital. We will assist you with caring for your furry or feathered family members. Your pet’s well being is our concern, and we are here to help, from answering questions on basic care and feeding to internal medicine and surgery. Please feel free to stop in, we will be happy to show you our hospital! We are located at the intersection of 84th and Old Cheney, with our entrance off of Old Cheney.

Contact Vintage Heights Veterinary Clinic about declawing your cat


Scratching with the front claws is normal, instinctive behavior for cats. The purpose of this activity is to remove old, worn fragments of nails.

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Have your pet neutered at Vintage Heights Veterinary Clinic

Advantages for neutering:

  • Exhibit less aggression
  • Less urine marking
  • Decreased wandering to seek females in heat
  • Decreased prostate issues when older
  • No unwanted puppies or kittens

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Contact Vintage Heights Veterinary Clinic about spaying your pet

Advantages for spaying before first heat cycle:

  • There will be no heat periods
  • There will be no unwanted puppies or kittens
  • No uterine infections
  • 50% reduction in breast cancer incidence

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Contact Vintage Heights Veterinary Clinic for your pet's surgical care

Surgery Care

Before Surgery: Please remove food and water by 10 pm the night before the surgery. It is important that your pet have an empty stomach the morning of the surgery.

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Contact Vintage Heights Veterinary Hospital for your pet's dental health needs

Dental Care

Research shows that proper dental care is probably the most important thing you can do to add years and quality to your special fur baby’s life!!

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If you have any questions about your pet’s needs, contact Vintage Heights Veterinary Hospital

Need Help?

A well-educated owner will know best how to care for their pet! We encourage you to ask us if you have any questions about your pet’s needs, and we’ll be glad to help.

Call Us – 402-489-0501

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